About us

Where it all began

Keeping Kids Safe (KKS) was founded by Jamie Upton (Paddy Fripps), as a child safety advocates. KKS has been responsible for over 100 criminal investigations relating to Child Sexual Exploitation and threats against children.

In October 2017 KKS hosted it is first charity day for a charity specialising in child sexual exploitation (child rape).

Our Mission

Here at KKS, we believe all children deserve to live a happy life no matter what the circumstances. When life is hard for many reasons, we believe we can still take the mind off what is happening with a little bit of kindness.

Along with the hunting side of our operations, we want to reach out to all disadvantaged children. We are currently drawing up a full plan to turn KKS into a registered charity.

We want to help disadvantaged children, whether that be:

  • mental
  • physical
  • sexual abuse
  • Child Poverty
  • Illness
  • Or parent bereavement.

With help we will be able to achieve our goal.

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