Jason Myrtle unmasked

Today Wednesday 22nd July conjunction with Predator HunTers, we received a tip-off from an anonymous source with an image of Jason Myrtle.

Reward for the unmasking of Paedophile Jason Myrtle
Joint Keeping Kids Safe & Predator HunTers LogoOn February 14th Jason Myrtle from Sutton in Ashfield (Nottinghamshire) was spared Jailed after downloading thousands of sick child abuse/porn images at his home. In collaboration, ourselves Keeping Kids Safe and Predator HunTers have decided to offer …

Paddy attended an address on Leamington estate (Sutton in Ashfield) and was greeted by Jason's partner. After a very quick chat she confirmed his identity and Paddy was asked to leave the address and she was calling the police.

Paddy waited for the police and 2 PCSO'S and 2 beat officer's quickly attended.

Paddy made his concerns very clear about the fact he has CCTV cameras which appear to view the street and more importantly other houses which have children.

Paddy said residents want reassuring that their children are safe and camera's aren't on their property.

One resident told Paddy that they've rearranged their livingroom so he can't see into their front window.

Paddy left the street and immediately headed for the Ashfield council.

Things are in process behind the scenes and will hopefully be resolved quicker than they were. Paddy has told the council if needed he will apply added pressure to council to get him moved quicker as a breach of his tenancy.

Further updates will be given in the near future after Paddy is hoping to set up a meeting with the appropriate authorities.

Court Case

A man has been banned from working with children and placed on the sexual offenders register for five years after he was caught with almost 8,000 indecent images of children.

Between October 2018 and July 2019, Jason Myrtle, 47, of Thompson Crescent, Sutton, distributed and made 7,888 including 36 videos which included children aged between eight and 14-years-old.

Myrtle had 36 Category A videos, 13 Category C videos, one Category B images and 7,872 Category C images, where Category A is the most extreme.

The images and videos were discovered following an investigation by Nottinghamshire Police in May 2019, and three computers were seized.

Myrtle was subsequently arrested and charged with nine counts of making indecent images of a child.

He admitted to making the images, saying during his interview that while downloading pornographic material, curiosity had ‘got the better of him’ when he saw thumbnails of naked children.

He pleaded guilty at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday 16 July and was sentenced to a two year community order with 30 rehabilitation days.

Myrtle was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register for five years and a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order, to monitor his internet use. He has also been barred from working with children.

Chief Inspector Peter Quinn, lead for Child Protection said: “Myrtle’s actions were unacceptable. Every image is a record of a child being abused and viewing such material re-victimises that child many times over.”

“Nottinghamshire Police takes these types of crimes very seriously and we will do everything we can to ensure that the people behind this type of activity is brought to justice.”

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