Breaking News - Jason Myrtle RELOCATED To CARSIC


Jason Myrtle and his wife appeared in the early hours of the morning in the Carsic area. The home belongs to an elderly relative and is a breach of the agreement, and police are now investigating. It's our understanding the address relative requires carers.

Standby troops feet on the streets soon!

Want to say a massive thank you and well done to everyone that came together to get Jason moved, it's been a long old slog... Had police pestering us since July but with out the residents it wouldn't of been possible. Sarah the local counsellor has been fab, actually acted like a parent and not a person in a line of duty. Sarah you have had to put up with me for weeks, late night visits early morning calls

Jason Myrtle unmasked
Today Wednesday 22nd July conjunction with Predator HunTers, we received a tip-off from an anonymous source with an image of Jason Myrtle. Reward for the unmasking of Paedophile Jason MyrtleJoint Keeping Kids Safe & Predator HunTers LogoOn February 14th Jason Myrtle from Sutton in Ashfield (Notting…

Well done lady you done Leamington proud. Also well done Jason Zadrozny leader of the council standing with us and fighting the corner too. Both of you are a credit to work with and let's hope other council's take the same stance. KKS are always watching, no Paedophile will ever live a normal life whilst we are chasing you out!

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