Wrongful arrest update.

Update on Northamptonshire police 'wrongfully' arresting Paddy Fripps.

On the 16th November 2019 "KKS" attended a property of a male that had been talking sexually to children online.

Everything was going normally until the police arrived. PC 16 Galbraith was the officer that we believed caused issues.

Galbraith wanted to seize all electronical devices including all the teams personal phones, as a result Paddy was arrested.

Force was used and Paddy substained bruising. Eventually the predator was arrested and the team was on their way home.

On the way home Paddy contacted the police to file a complaint. The complaints were to do with the attitude of PC 16 Galbraith, wrongful arrest, excessive force and criminal damage to the teams laptop.

Today Saturday the 7th November 2020 we can update you on what happened and the outcome.

Apparently there was a lack of communication between Paddy and Galbraith, Galbraith claims we didn't tell him we didn't have original source but he firmly believed we did.

This brings us on to the arrest of Paddy, according to the professional standards department the arrest was lawful however Galbraith failed to tell Paddy what he was arrested for and failed to caution him.

Assault; outcome of this was it is justified and reasonable force.

Criminal damage; they claim they don't know how this happened as the body cam footage shows it working before but not after the altercation.

They conclude that this is a man management issue and will be overseen by Galbraith's superior.

Paddy says "I'm absolutely appalled with this outcome, I stated numerous times we didn't have the original source hence why the female officer stepped in and ordered Galbraith to go into the property. How can the arrest be justifiable? I was man handled because his attitude stunk foul. Even the female officer told me to make a complaint as he was out of order. I suffered injuries and actually required physio at the hospital. If it was justifiable why wasn't I taken to the station? Why haven't I been charged or notified of an NFA? If that was me doing this you all know where I'd end up, in p*ssing court again! Twice now I've been wrongfully arrested and twice nothing has been done! My faith in the impartial view of the police has completely gone."

We as a team will now invest in our own body cam's so we have absolutely everything recorded, we have totally lost faith with the police.

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